anti scratch car body coating and car paint coating

With KubeBond you can say goodbye to paint deteriorating or losing luster! Our transparent car body and car paint coating can protect the car paint for more than ten years.

Whether it is for a car or a motorcycle, the car paint is a combination of different layers,  such as primer layer, color pigment layer, and clear lacquer layer. The latter is the key factor to the shininess of the car paint when it comes out of the factory. However, as time goes by, the aging of the clear lacquer layer, the abrasion from the car wash, the damages of waxing, the water stains after the rain, etc., will greatly affect the appearance of the car paint, which will lose luster, display water stains, and ultimately deteriorate. Therefore, how to protect  the car paint is an important issue!


KubeBond car body coating and car paint coating are not only transparent, but also can protect the paint surface for more than ten years. Use KubeBond car coating and motorcycle coating to give the best protection to the paint surface, enhance the hardness of the car paint, and resist daily dirt deterioration. Kubebond gives you the best paint protection, and also helps you save maintenance time!

Wax, PPF, coating: how to choose the best protection for car coating and motorcycle coating?

 Waxing a car is like putting a lightweight raincoat on yur car, it’s shiny and water repellent, but daily use wears it out and the shine fades. Also the frequent application of wax will significantly reduce the clear coat over time.

 As an armor for your car, a ceramic coating acts like one. Other than shininess and water repellency, it also provides anti abrasion, anti graffiti, anti UV, anti corrosion effects, and many more.

A paint protection film is an attachment to the car’s armor that increases the protection to the highest level. It is particularly effective against rock chips

With the application of coating before PPF, it is possible to protect the car paint every time PPF is replaced, and with simple maintenance the car paint looks brand new all the time.

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Our exclusive technologies for car paint allow you to experience the magic of our coating with your own eyes!

KubeBond coatings allow you to witness the actual transparent protective layer with your own eyes. When the coating is complete, you will be asked to return after a week so that  the QCT (Quality Control Test) can be performed on your vehicle. During the QCT test we will show you that after coating, even the permanent marker can be removed effortlessly.

With the LCT technology, when coating gets in contact with the water molecules in the atmosphere, it chemically reacts with water steam to form a three dimensional network of crystals which has high strength chemical bonding energy. It also allows the liquid ceramic coating to perfectly adhere on the substrate, and form a hard transparent ceramic protective layer.

Moreover, thanks to the RBT technology our coating displays great bonding functions, even on smooth surfaces like glass. The RBT guarantees that the service life of the coating is greatly extended, and the effect can be maintained for three years under normal use.


Our coating reduces daily maintenance and after coating maintenance efforts.

After coating maintenance is also very important. Diamond Plus is specially designed for Diamond 9H, and is the perfect product to maintain coating as it prevents water stains, and can extend the life of the hydrophobic effect. It is very convenient to use: wipe the washed car with a dry microfiber cloth, then spray Diamond Plus on another clean and dry microfiber cloth, and finally apply. Only 1cc of Diamond Plus is enough to maintain an average hood always bright.

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