Liquid repellent interior coating and leather coating

Is the car interior difficult to maintain? KubeBond coatings solves leather and fabric problems

Maintaining a car’s interior is always a challenge. Even after multiple cleanings, scratches and stains remain on leather. A spilled drink always leaves a lingering smell. With KubeBond, you can free yourself from worries. Generally, car coating can only provide protection for materials such as car paint and glass, but KubeBond is different.


KubeBond provides complete interior and exterior protection for the car.

In the interior of the car, you will find leather seats, suede, and other materials, which are often beautiful when they depart the factory, but can easily become damaged after daily use or an accidental drink spill. Sometimes this damage can be permanent, but in order to prevent it, KubeBond provides interior protective coatings. They include leather protection, with water repellent and anti fouling effects, allowing you to restore the dirtiest white interior. After using KubeBond, you will never have to worry about stubborn stains and aging.


Not only our coating can protect leather, but also the environmentally friendly interiors of certain cars

Many car owners care about the environment, therefore, they chose environmentally friendly interiors for their cars. While being designed not to harm the environment, these kinds of interiors are made of materials that easily deteriorate when exposed to high temperature; they become sticky, and lose the original color. KubeBond’s mother company CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a special interior coating, which protects it from long exposure to UV rays, and preserving the original appearance.


Anti bacterial, anti fouling, and waterproof, are the main strength of our coating

Car interiors are like our homes when it comes to virus and bacteria prevention, but sadly, they are often overlooked. With KubeBond specific anti bacterial product, one time application can provide a triple effect:

  • First a photocatalyst sterilization, which consists in the absorption of the energy of the light in the environment, to undergo a continuous sterilization.
  • Second, is the destruction of the germs through the releasing of nano silver particles. After the elimination, the silver particles will be released again to continue sterilization.
  • Third, by using CHOOSE’s exclusive technology a transparent protective layer is formed, which with its anti fouling and waterproof characteristics can effectively prevent all kinds of liquids from infiltrating the material, and  inhibit the growth of bacteria.

KubeBond’s triple antibacterial effect is certified by SGS for up to six months, protecting you and your family.

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