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KubeBond helps Tesla shape the future with the most advanced ceramic car coating on the market

Electric cars are quickly becoming the first choice for every new car owner, especially Tesla which is a great technological achievement. However, we still have to wait for a long time before car producers come up with self-cleaning or self-healing electrical cars. Therefore, Tesla’s car paint will still be damaged by simple car washing, its leather-free internals will still get dirty, and the glass, even if coated, will quickly lose the protective effect. With so many coating solutions available on the market, you might just want to randomly pick up one, but what if it isn’t eco-friendly? Wouldn’t it be a contradiction to have an eco-friendly car protected with a polluting coating? Your Tesla deserves the right protection!

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KubeBond represents the right choice for Tesla’s owners. The strive for technological development, the desire to think about the future, are concepts that both Tesla and KubeBond agree with. With the  new CST technology boosting our products, your Tesla’s paint will be provided with the best anti graffiti effect, and wear resistance. Windshield safety is finally a reality thanks to the unique RBT technology which makes coating firmly adhere on glass. Moreover, Tesla’s leather-free internals will be provided with the best liquid repellency effect, even for the stitching. Finally, all KubeBond products are certified EU REACH which makes them harmless for humans and the environment. Still wondering what’s the best choice to protect your Tesla?

Tesla car coating cases

Model 3、Model S、Model Y、Model X… and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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