Mercedes Automotive Coating Cases

Mercedes Benz, the king of interiors, deserves the strongest protection

Sweat, dirt, and clothes can leave persistent stains on surfaces. Delicate materials, such as leather and suede, will discolor and fade. The constant heat from the sun will eventually damage your dashboard, seats, among other parts of your vehicle.


Luxury and comfort have always been the signature of a Benz car, making it the vehicle of choice for elegant people. The interior is usually made of expensive materials such as leather and solid wood, making the driving experience more enjoyable. In a similar way to Benz, KubeBond strives to make the car experience more comfortable. With exclusive LCT and CST technology, the vehicle’s interior is protected. An anti-fouling and waterproof protective coating is bonded to the leather’s surface, preventing stains and cracks. KubeBond’s products protect the wooden interior from moisture damage as well.

Benz car coating cases

GLC, GLE, E-Class, C-Class, A-Class… and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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