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In the sports car world, a car’s attractiveness is emphasized on its dynamic performance and its appearance. It is clear that BMW is the best option for releasing dopamine while racing and showcase one’s personality. But when the car looks terrible, it is impossible to show off. Usually, the attention is focused on the car paint, which becomes dull over time. In addition, grime, grease, and blemishes adhere to the windows and glass surfaces. The wheels, tires and rims are exposed to humidity, bouncing stones and dust. If not addressed, it will begin to rust and deteriorate.  The fact of the matter is, without a maintenance program, you won’t be able to preserve the BMW’s appearance and resale value.


The car must be cleaned in preparation for the next car show or race. If quality coating products and proper techniques are used, protecting the car will be easier. BMW owners can achieve the best results with KubeBond’s car protective coatings. To keep the shine in the car paint & keep the car parts looking new, our products provide the best wear resistance and lasting power. Using Nu Interior and Fabric Shield, you can transform the look of a car’s interior into something truly irresistible. Race cars are no problem, the wheel hubs, brake calipers, and exhaust pipes are protected from deterioration with CHOOSE NanoTech’s RBTLCT & CST technology.

BMW car coating cases

X-3、X-5、3 Series、5 Series、X-7… and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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