Audi car coating cases

Audi shapes the leader that is in you. KubeBond protects it

Audi’s design has always been simple: very few choices of colors, avoiding anything superfluous, and focusing on the essentials. As for car maintenance, simplicity is often a misunderstood concept: regular car detailing once a month, paired with the regular internal/external cleaning might seem enough. However, this process has already been proven ineffective and time consuming, and in the long run it might lead to complex issues; simple water stains on the paint are hard to remove, and “just some coffee” spilled on your leather seat makes daily driving an unpleasant experience. Given that the leader in you is always looking for the smartest, effortless, and time saving solution, stop wasting your time and switch to KubeBond.


Leaders shape the world we live in. They dream and create, and their innovations change and simplify our lives forever. KubeBond has always rightfully claimed the title of “leader of ceramic car coating”. The inherited industrial experience from CHOOSE NanoTech, the creation of the world’s first automotive nano ceramic coating which can be cured in room temperature, and the establishment of the new 9H hardness standard, are just some examples. KubeBond’s confidence by claiming the title of pioneers of the car coating industry, also comes from the numerous certifications obtained like SGS and EU REACH, which made it impossible for imitators to reach our level.

Audi car coating cases

Q-5, Q-3, Q-7, A-5, A-4 … and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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